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Coding vs creativity

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Scratch article based on three years experience teacher scratch acros the junuior school.


Computaional thinking  – problem solving: the required mindset – find article\

beginnings – introducing the language: visual or block coding lamnguage

Experiment and investigate

What is coding – industry persepctives insert video

Coding in schools – why the revolution?

Add Year 3 examples Annaya vs Jemima


Opportunities for creativity

non code problem related problem solving

using graphis, – creativing graphics – music and sound – animation

FRUSTRATIONS – everyone cant code?

motivation + langhuage + success

BArriers to success?

TIME -context



Collecting questions mentimeter

Lots of common ground – teachign efficiency

Peer support

Video resources


basic funstions of blocks

__breaking down problems using example projects

The cycle try – test – debug cycle

getting stuck hint cards

The mindest fail – try

more than one wayt to solve a problem


develop a progression of themes

understanding position – movement – sensing – action/reaction – variables for points/time/speed – win/loss screens – broadcasting – animation etc

dealing wit hobstacles to progress


relate to real tech scnarios – driverless cars (fobit) SIngapore

Managing and simplifiying code


Phil Bagge videos


Overview of scrtach programming oin the juniuor school

Year 3

year 4

year 5

yera 6