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The Curzon, Clevedon.

The Curzon, Clevedon.

image: bristol culture club

After moving back to the UK after twelve years away in Asia I am really excited by the wealth of culture at my disposal here in Bristol. In terms of cinema, I  have been regularly attending films and events at the Watershed, The Cube and this week, the family and I drove down to Clevedon for a ‘bring your baby’ film event at the Curzon a community cinema serving the residents and the schools of North Somerset.

During our visit, I had the pleasure of meeting with Cathy Poole, the cinema’s education and learning coordinator who described the role the Curzon plays for visitors and some of the events that are held there. We arranged to meet later in the week where we discussed how I might get involved in some voluntary work.

Some initial ideas

Possible activities encouraging group work and collaboration.

Storyboard with freeze frames
Short improvisation of scenes
Film posters and publicity: Design a film poster, creating fim posters
Ipad trailers
Stop animation
Cycle of events
Movie names
Voice over
Real movie scenes with observation and analysis
Favourite films
Using film stills – developing captions or devising dialogue
Usng real film posters albeit obscure new and try to name the film
Devise film posters or character based freeze frames using descriptions and interrelations eg teddy is in love with Ethel but Ethel loves Roger.
Costume activities

The language of film for young people
Link in drama exercises
Usng film with primary students
Using curriculum links
Integrating film
Nofilm school


History of the cinema for children
Lumiere to Lucas
Using filmmaking in the Primary school – look for titles
Possible sections
Film as an art form: the power of film
Story telling
Developing a film club
Software and editing
Case studies
Film festivals and competition
Holding your own film festival
The story: the script, the screenplay


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