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21CL RETHINKING LEARNING, UWCSEA, Singapore – Developing visual literacy through filmmaking in the elementary/middle school classroom.

This workshop will focus on developing visual literacy through narrative filmmaking. We’ll look into film grammar and how a film can be read as carefully and consciously as a story or poem. We’ll then cover practical approaches to film production and postproduction that have been democratised through the mobile technology available in our classrooms.

The session will cover:

  • How to read a film: an introduction to film grammar and interpreting images using examples from a range of cinema.
  • How to pose questions to students about film in order to develop critical thinking skills in relation to visual images.
  • Production: how to shoot a simple scene using a mastershot/coverage approach with a small production crew.
  • Post-production: the magic of the edit.
  • Resource considerations for filmmaking in the classroom


Click here for the course presentation.

FOBISIA Technology Conference 2018, Harrow School, Bangkok – Approaches to narrative filmmaking in the elementary classroom


Great to share the work I’ve been doing in this field at the #FOBIT2018 conference, as well as spread the word about the AAYFF. Also, humbled to be voted best presentation. A shorter version of the Rethinking workshops, I focused mainly on the power of editing by way of a couple of case studies.


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I regular attend workshops and conferences throughout Asia and have established a diverse and rich network of fellow educators, media professionals and other inspirational people from which I regularly draw ideas when researching and developing new initiatives. In recent years I have been a regular attendee/presenter at the 21CL Rethinking Learning conferences, FOBIT (FOBISIA Technology conferences), GAFE Summits and Edtech meetups. I also regularly attend workshops associated with my interests in photography, film and media.


In this three day masterclass, Pinckers will guide the participants in focusing the development of your personal vision, critical attitude and individual approach towards the production of an artistic body of work within the context of documentary photography. Based on a series of mentoring sessions and group discussions, participants will be encouraged to question notions of truth, authenticity, objectivity and the underlying belief systems that drive our hyper-visual culture today.

Workshop participants should be able to show a good level of photographic aptitude and a desire to learn. Candidates will be expected to develop a positive attitude towards critical self-reflection, discussion and constructive critique. Participants should prepare their portfolio presentations and artistic discourse ahead of the workshop.

Course outline.

RETHINKING Learning Conference, UWCSEA, Singapore. May 2018

In 2018 the reThinking Literacy and Numeracy conferences were brought together under one roof as reThinking Learning. By combining the two conference, reThinking Learning aims to deliver a bigger and more exciting event. The carefully designed program will allow each conference community to maintain their own distinct identity within the overall summit while offering more extensive networking opportunities outside the formal sessions. For teachers who teach both subjects, such a primary teachers, there will be the opportunity to switch between events to choose the workshops that are of most interest and relevance.


Work That Matters with Melissa Daniels Founding Director of High Tech Middle Chula Vista

The Optimistic Writing Teacher with Carl Anderson Author and Literacy Consultant

Building Our Own Professional To-Do List for Math for the 2018-19 School Year with Steve Leinwand Principal Research Analyst at AIR

FOBIT 2018 Fobisia Technology Conference, Harrow School, Bangkok 2018

The 11th FOBIT conference featuring two days of workshops, presentations and discussion forums.

Extended Workshops: F1 in schools, Coding in Tynker, Minecraft education edition, LittleBits in the curriculum, Hands on introduction to the Micro:bit.

Keynote speaker:

Miles Berry Principal lecturer computing education @RoehamptonUni

RETHINKING literacy Conference, UWCSEA, Singapore. May 2017,

Sessions attended:

Multimodal Texts: Using Film as a Mentor Text in Reading Workshop with Emma Crombie, UWCSEA

Powerful Podcasts: Publishing Personal narratives to Global Audiences with Ceci Gomez-Glavez and Nathan Lill, Shekou International School

Digital Storytelling for Literacy with Michael Hernandez,

Spelling in the 21st Century with Sean McHugh, UWCSEA.

Anything TV with Sean Walmsley, American International School – Riyadh



We Are Made for Story with Kristin Ziemke.

From Fake News to Social Justice Tool with Michael Hernandez.

Fobisia Technology Conference, 2017.

Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

10th Annual Fobisia Tech conference hosted and organised by my department at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Three days of extended workshops, presentations, job-alike discussions and demonstrations.

Fobisia Technology Conference 2015

Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.

9th Annual Fobisia Tech conference hosted by Tanglin Trust School and organises by my department.

Two days of extended workshops, presentations, job-alike discussions and demonstrations.


Visiting speaker Sugata Mitra. January 2018, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.



Sugata Mitra is a Professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences at Newcastle University, England. He is best known for his “Hole in the Wall” experiment, and widely cited in works on literacy and education. He is Chief Scientist, Emeritus, at the for-profit training company NIIT. Full bio.

Visiting speaker Sir John Jones, August 2017, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.



There is a small and select band of educational professionals in the UK who have not only had their achievements recognised in the New Year’s Honours List, but who are also able to inspire others with their outstanding knowledge, passion and enthusiasm – Sir John Jones is one. More info.

Visiting speaker Alan November. August 2017, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.



Alan November is an international leader in education technology. He began his career as an oceanography teacher and dorm counselor at an island reform school for boys in Boston Harbor. While Alan was a computer science teacher in Lexington, Mass, he was probably the first teacher in the world to have a student project online in 1984, a database for the handicapped. full bio

Visiting speaker Sir Robert Swan. January 2016, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.



Raised in Yorkshire, England, Robert Swan is the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. After seeing first hand the effects of Climate Change, Robert has dedicated himself to protecting Antarctica and our planet at large. Positive participation and a committed team have enabled Robert to educate and stimulate people across the globe. Full bio