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Bangkok International Youth Film Festival

My interest in film led to an invitation to work with older students in the extracurricular MYP/DP Media Studio which ran after school on a weekly basis. The studio brought together a diverse group of students each with a particular skill, passion or a wish to try out something new. Animators, aspiring actors, filmmakers, screenwriters, programmers and photographers would attend to work on projects both personal and school directed. My role was to advise and encourage collaboration as well as offer my expertise and knowledge of the visual arts.

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The Bangkok International Youth Festival grew out of the Media Studio after a DP student expressed a wish to develop a CAS activity based around their love of film. What resulted was a genuinely exciting celebration of youth film, the only one of its kind in Thailand. The Festival now in its third year, has attracted hundreds of films from around the world. I was able to use my connections both in the International school circuit to attract entries and in the Bangkok film industry to assemble a jury of industry professionals.

The 2013 Winner:  EXIST by Natapan Boonmasiri

The 2012 Winner: Help Wanted by Sophia Pink

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