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Sound design with Dave Whitehead and Michelle Child

I organised this extended workshop to introduce elements of sound in filmmaking to a group of Year 6 Tech leaders. The workshop was planned to coincide with the visit of Dave Whitehead and Michelle Child, two sound designers/composers/foley artists whose company WhiteNoise has provided sound design, sound effects and music to listy of film credits which include Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, District 9, Bladerunner and many more large scale productions.

The students had to record their own sound effects, source music/sound design and use sound libraries to find sound effects to develop the soundtrack to a short animation. Working in groups of four the children used handheld recorders, Garageband on the iPad and Macbooks to edit their work in iMovie.

While the children worked on their projects, Dave and Michelle were on hand to offer practical tips on sound recording not to mention share advice about storytelling through sound using anecdotes and examples of their own work in the industry.




Film, Media Literacy