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Student Magazines

THE KIS QUIBBLER as it was know was a termly magazine produced by an editorial group of Grade 3 – 5 children which met on a Friday afternoon.

An authentic professional environment was encouraged at the weekly magazine sessions, with students taking on such roles as sports and feature editors, photographers, researchers and interviewers.  The students had the freedom to write about subjects they were passionate about, but they were also encouraged to work as part of an editorial team to ensure the magazine’s contents were balanced with their readers in mind. Regular meetings were held to discuss magazine content, writing and layout tips, as well as organise competitions and cover school events. The school magazine sessions were a wonderfully productive way to end the week and the buzz generated in the ‘newsroom’ an absolute joy.

The following publications are the result of work by the Primary Magazine team at KIS International School, Bangkok which comprised Grade 3 to 5 students. The magazines were printed for distribution, embedded on via issue class blogs and kept for reference in the library


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