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School of Rock

Learn from the industry!

A great way to develop an understanding of storytelling through film is to recreate a scene from a great mentor text. Richard Linklater’s work with young people is unparalleled in Hollywood and he really gets the best out of young talent which is often drawn from casting non-actors. School of Rock is an excellent example of a film I highly recommend to my students.  This particular scene features a brilliantly directed Jack Black offering kind words of encouragement to Lawrence who suffers from low self-esteem. It’s simple in its execution and a joy to recreate with small groups of children.

Timing: Production 1 hour (ideally cast have learnt lines and rehearsed prior to filming)

Location: Classroom/any school environment

Editing and critique: 1 Hour

Steps: Children shown the scene and are provided with the original screenplay. A production team of four divided into cast and director/cam operator for rehearsals to work out how to shoot/block the scene.

Roles: Director, Talent X2, Camera operator and sound – (boomed if available).

Film concepts: blocking, composition, directing, production procedures

The original scene

Student version

Film, Media Literacy