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The Podcast Project

Establishing a podcast culture in the upper primary school

Aims of the project: to empower students to independently manage a podcast show featuring regular weekly broadcasts to an audience within and beyond the school community. Students share subjects and interests they’re passionate about and potentially inspire their audience to consider new interests and forge new connections or friendships. The students are responsible for the planning, writing of content, rehearsing, hosting, recording, editing and broadcast.

Identity: Writing, presenting, recording and broadcasting roles

Establishing identity, visiting speakers and experts, use of mentor texts in the form of recommended age-appropriate podcasts. Introduce students to cycle that will ultimately sustain itself with students supporting students.

Technical: Recording and editing – towards broadcast quality

Microphones and adapters, software for recording and editing (Garageband on the ipad)

Recording space (Year 6 studio) and timetabling organisation – QR code google spreadsheet

Links to creative commons sound and music.

Packaging and distribution using Pixlr to create artwork.


Podcasts uploaded unlisted on the Year group Youtube channel and collated using padlet which allows for comments and “likes” to monitor engagement.

Media Literacy, Student Agency, Student Voice
student agency